Bucket List Burgers: Best Burgers in America

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In America today, it seems as though every restaurant has its own version of the perfect burger. Distinguished burger names include “The Johnny Appleseed”, “The Boss”, “The Waldorf” highlight tops of menus and stand out like queens on their throne. America’s fascination with burgers is somewhat simple to understand.

  • Burgers are easy to eat
  • Hamburgers are affordably priced
  • Burgers are easy to chew since the meat is typically ground up
  • No cutting, pre-prep, just lifting. Frequently no utensils are needed!
  • Burgers are easily prepared, customize to your liking
  • There’s not a lot of thinking that goes into ordering

We’ve looked at some of America’s favorite Hamburgers and have begun our “Burger Bucket List”.



Emmy Burger at Emily – Brooklyn NY

Dry-aged beef, onion, melted cheddar, “Emmy sauce,” and a warm pretzel bun. There is no other burger like this in New York City!



The Mott Burger, Mott Street – Chicago IL

Two quarter-pound chuck patties with sweet potato shoestrings, hoisin aioli, pickled jalapenos, dill pickles, miso butter, diced onion and American cheese on a toasted bun. Yummy!


The Boner Burger, Animal – Los Angeles CA

Delicious patty topped with jack cheese, caramelized onion, poblano chili, and 420 sauce on marble rye from Diamond Bakery just up the street.


The Stodg, The Porch – Dallas, TX

Squeezed between a foie-buttered bun and a hefty beef patty are applewood-smoked bacon, aged cheddar, and a food-show-perfect fried egg.


The Secret Burger, Alden & Harlow – Boston, MA

One of the beefiest and straight-up most satisfying bun and beef combinations out there, without question.



The Chargrilled Burger, The Spotted Pig, New York, NY

A half-pounder cooked over the grill and tucked inside a light, super glossy bun, dripping with blue cheese.

Keg Burger, Keg South, Miami FL

Just good old-fashioned American beef grilled up right and served with cheese, nothing fancy, but pure perfection.


Company Burger, The Company Burger – New Orleans LA

Two thin patties are griddled diner-style and topped with bread and butter pickles, red onions and American cheese.


Original Solly Burger, Solly’s Grille – Milwaukee WI

Known as the Butter Burger, the hearty sandwich consists of a juicy one-third-pound sirloin patty topped with sweet and creamy Wisconsin butter and stewed onions.


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